“A Certain Unscientific Nerd”

March 14, 2010

ahh "revenge of the nerds" how cliche you are

I know its been a long time (understatement) but I do intend to try and make this a continuous thing; the good thing is that now I’m in University i HAVE to draw everyday which is also sort of a pain in the arse considering i have to draw everyday for 3 electives in 3 different sketch books. Electives? yes in my university I get 3 electives; I actually do Psychological Science (didn’t get a high enough OP to do art) so on top of my drawing I have to study Psyche (which is really interesting). Despite all this though I really enjoy Uni it’s interesting its fun and I feel a little independent (even though I can’t drive (18 and still no license)

One of the coolest things I’ve done in Uni (besides drawing “long johns” in art class)  is join the nerdy clubs; I am now part of the anime club, the film club and the games club (from video games to dungeons and dragons) while most people grow out of there nerdy-ness when they’re in/leave high school I grew into it; I actually mainly joined the games club cause I thought their main focus was D&D and recently I bought a starter pack of Magic the Gathering!!.

Today though I had the Anime club’s first screening and it was great! We watched 3 different series and 4 episodes each and all of them had some pretty noticeable good and bad qualities

Yozakura Quartet – This series bored me. YQ had a typical formula that was very very obvious; the first episode was the perfectly structured intro ep The world was established, the narrator mentioned things that would obviously become a problem in the near future, all main characters were introduced along with their basic powers, the characters get into a situation that is ultimately connected to the main plot line, A mysterious evil character watching the characters and saying “interesting” or “so that’s the etc etc” and a little drama that carries into the next episode to keep the audience interested for next week (not to mention the fact that the evil guy is 2 of the main character’s friend whose possessed) But, yes it was boring and not as good as the other two, but it did keep me interested enough to watch instead of sleep. So I mean I liked it in a way that you might a stereotypical fantasy novel not too complicated seen it all before but it’s something that can sweep through your brain with ease.

Yozakura Quartet - Top of my list of Cliche Animes

Kimi Ni Todoke – I’m a fan of romance animes in fact one of my favourite animes of all time is Lovely * Complex so if you don’t like that sort of thing you obviously won’t like this. Slight similarities from “The Wallflower” but still very very different. At first the main character sort of annoyed me with her extremely insecure and passive personality but she grew on me after the first episode and I really enjoyed it. Sometimes certain situations seem slightly painful to watch but overall it’s an entertaining school life romance (though probably not as good as love com)

Kimi Ni Todoke - Another great school romance

The Wallflower

A Certain Scientific Railgun – This really made me think of a terrible, TERRIBLE anime called Zettai Karen Children they do have a lot of similarities, but fortunately it was more mature it didn’t feel like some anime for young kids with a bunch of perverted crap in it, sure ACSR did have some perverted stuff but it wasn’t too weird, i mean a few gay/bi characters beats a guy who shoots his psychic power out of his pelvis (there was literally a guy in Zettai Karen children who did that…) I mean some bits seemed rather ridiculous but it could of been worse and I enjoyed it.

A Certain Scientific Railgun - Entertaining in a both action and typical anime humour sort of way

Zettai Karen Children - Almost at Top list of my worse animes

By the way so sorry for this horrible post but i felt i needed to post something… even if its this crap

Here is a really quick and crappy drawing I did I drew it mainly because I had to pretend that I was dressing up as a character from some comic or TV show so I could be a player in Supanova’s (the convention) Cosplay chess his name is Mervin enjoy. (there’s also a bunch of new crap on deviant art CHECK IT OUT!) http://cursed-rider.deviantart.com/

Mervin Hobo!

Mervin Hobo!


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