Another Music Blog??

April 4, 2010

When i finished High school I realised I was listening to music less and less Which actually worried me immensely considering i would listen to music everyday; when i went to bed, during class, even lunch where i would actually isolate my self so i could listen to music (okay that wasn’t the only reason why i isolated myself but it was part of it) but now I have found I’ve become more obsessed. Though my listening time has dropped a fair bit I realise that I’m discovering several new bands every week and now that I’ve gotten into facebook 90% of my posts are related to music! Even my decisions on what to do depend if i’ll be able to listen to music or not; i was actually having trouble on deciding whether to play A new game i got or to just sit in front of my computer fooling around on facebook while listening to music! another clear sign of my obsession was when i was watching a really really good episode of the British comedy “The Inbetweeners” and my most excited point in the show was the end credits when they played The Cure’s “Inbetween Days”  SO in the spirit of my obsession I’ve decided to Review a three bands I’ve been listening too

The Figurines (I’ve only listened to one)

The Figurines’ Album “The Deer Who Wore Blue” could be compared to several bands however It isn’t so much that they imitate bands its just 1 track will sound like one artist while the next track may sound like another (noticeable comparisons Beatles, Flaming Lips, Polyphonic spree) Overall the album has this nice retro feel to it but be aware (for me) during the first listening I found many of the tracks quite boring (though this may be because I was out on a jog) Listening to it at home again however it is quite an enjoyable album.

Sunset Rubdown

Despite its odd name Sunset rubdown is a very, very good band. When I first listened to one of their tracks I wasn’t really sure what to make of it; I didn’t really like the track but I was interested none the less after acquiring their music however I thoroughly enjoyed it. The really cool thing about the band is the vocals; the singer sounds quite similar to Scottish folk singing. For some reason I get a vague feeling of The Walkmen but otherwise they’re quite different to anything I’ve listened to. However, this band could be considered pretty out there so when trying out this band don’t just listen to the track once come back the next day and hopefully you may feel differently.

Evelyn Evelyn a collaboration from Amanda Palmer and Jason Webley

Finally! One of my most anticipated albums ever! After Palmer’s Who killed Amanda Palmer this is definitely a good follow up album. Evelyn Evelyn has the same feel and depressing humour you would expect in an album involving the punk cabaret artist (Amanda Palmer) but concerning Jason Webley I’m not too sure considering I’ve never heard his previous work. Before you run out and buy this good album there are a few things you should know. This has to be the most story driven albums I’ve ever listened to; there are 3 tracks that is only dialogue from the conjoined twins (played by Amanda Palmer and Jason Webley) telling the depressing tale of their life. The rest of the tracks that are placed in between the 3 narrations are all songs to do with the situations or characters within the depressing tale so it vaguely feels like a musical. Because of this it’s the sort of album you feel like you have to concentrate on, like you can’t do anything else while you listen to it; really that’s my only beef with the album and it doesn’t bother me too much but I can imagine it annoying others. Once again though this is another great example why Amanda Palmer definitely doesn’t need Brian Viglione anymore.


One Response to “Another Music Blog??”

  1. Lisa said

    Mikio! 🙂
    You’re gorgeous!!!
    Don’t worry, I find that I don’t listen to music as much with all the uni work and stuff that I have to do! But just as long as you’re still passionate about it, it is something that will never fade! 🙂

    Be sure to make a day or an afternoon just listening to it though…I’m sure your work can wait! It is important that you spend time being you–because you can never change that!!! 🙂 🙂

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